Back At It

Back at it on this lovely and cloudy Monday morning. Checked my weather app this morning and groaned out loud when I realized we are looking at three-digit temperatures by this time next week. Going to enjoy this June Gloom while it lasts.

In the meantime, here I am in an old favorite top with another new skirt purchased via Poshmark - and which I think is a tad too short?

Shirt: The Limited (alternative)
Cardigan: Martin + Osa (R.I.P.) (alternative)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (alternative)
Shoes: JustFab (alternative)

Apparently it's been awhile since I wore this top - on the blog at least. Most recent pic I could find of it is from July 2014, when I paired it with a pretty green-ish skirt and a gray cardigan:

Ah yes - I remember why I felt like I had worn this top a lot. It was part of my "30 for 30" selections all the way back in September 2013. That was a kinda fun experiment - wonder if we should try again...

And again in the 30 for 30....

And again - this time with a suit:

And in July 2013 with slacks (man, I have not worn slacks in eons!):

And in May 2013 with colorful denim on a Friday:

And finally, back in the first few months of blogging, with an awesome red skirt that I should resurrect from the back of my closet...


  1. Serious "ughs" from me on the high temps as well! Can we just keep it in the 75-85 range, please?? Lol.


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