Friday, May 24, 2013


What do we love more than a white wall?  Well, Instagram, and rocking denim trends.

Karen says...

I'm not blinking here; I'm thinking deeply about something.  OK, that's not true.  But Paloma caught a good moment of adjustment here.

Paloma noted today that she had never seen any of these clothing articles.  Funny enough, I wear these all the time on the weekends.  I'm generally scared of how my thighs look in white jeans, but these are a slightly more forgiving as a faint floral pattern.  We discussed today how much we love the floral jeans trend; but we will never go stonewashed again, no!

Other than that, just mish-mashed some casual basics.  Also, decided to give some props to a birthday present from Cyn - this adorable denim cross-body purse.  The "heart + New York skyline" made her think of me, natch.  Nothing preps for the weekend quite like dressing for it!

I am wearing...

Tennessee Wyatt "Love Hurts" t-shirt
GAP 1969 Floral Always Skinny Skimmer jeans
Ecote utility jacket
Lucky Brand ankle boots

Stussy x Love+Made purse

Paloma says...

Bright blue jeans are so much better than boring ol' denim, wouldn't you say?  And no matter how much fun blouses and pencil skirts are, there is something just so satisfying about wearing jeans to work on Fridays.

Feeling breezy today since I have finally completed the big motion that has been monopolizing my week, and am looking forward to a weekend filled with relaxation, family time, and probably a glass or three of wine. Cheers!

I am wearing...

The Limited polka dot tank
The Limited gray cardigan
Mossimo x Target skinny jeans 

Earrings from who knows
Target shoes (Seychelles knock-offs) from three years ago

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