Red Skirt Parade

O... M... G!  Twinsies!  No memo!

Shirt: H&M / Cardigan: Charlotte Tarnatola / Skirt: L'Agence / Shoes: Michael Kors

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Seven
Karen says...

I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled, that there are only three more outfits of this "challenge."  I'm really glad I got to wear everything here once, twice, thrice, but I may have to burn some articles after this.

Um... craziness!  Paloma and I had no conference on this whatsoever, but we are both doing patterned shirt, black cardy, red skirt, black patent heels.  If we were still working together, I think we might freak out.  But because we're sadly crosstown now, it is just another testament to our total fashion simpatico.

Shirt: The Limited / Cardigan: J.Crew / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Seven
Paloma says...

Back at it in the office today, and back in one of my fave color combos: black, white, and red.  I got 3.5 hours of sleep last night (not an exaggeration) so I'm feeling a bit out of it.  Whenever I feel this way, all I want to wear is black, black, black.  But decided to stick with my pre-planned outfit which includes this (very bright) red skirt, and am glad I did since I think it might be making me look more awake than I am. I awake?