Limited (Literally)

... and that's the old, original definition of "literally."  And not just for our options.  We're wearing The Limited.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: The Limited Black Collection / Shoes: The Limited 
Necklace: Williamsburg street vendor

30 for 30: Day Seventeen
Karen says...

It's not like any of this looks ugly, or inappropriate for work... I just want to wear other stuff!  Anyway, this necklace was a no brainer to throw on this shirt.  As this shirt was a no brainer to match with this skirt.  As these shoes are a no brainer for pretty much any outfit.  Do I sound disillusioned?

There's that floral skirt I would like to wear again, but on a day when I am feeling skinny, please.

Cardigan: The Limited / Top: The Limited / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Banana Republic / Earrings: Banana Republic 

30 for 30: Day Seventeen
Paloma says...

What can I say about the 30x30 that hasn't been said?  I'm tired of my clothes, but I love the challenge.  I can honestly say I am wearing combinations I probably would never have put together at this point. For example, I am wearing this color combo of black, yellow, and brown that I wore last week yet again. (Why did I include both a yellow top and a yellow bottom??)

But at the end of the day I am definitely falling more in the "love it" category with the challenge, if nothing else because, boy oh boy, am I going to be happy to see my closet again on day 31!

Another sad selfie in my office today - Karen and I desperately need to get together for a proper picture!  Dammit work, why you gotta get in the way? ;)  In other news, I am head to toe in The Limited and Banana Republic today. so there's that.


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