Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Most Casual of Fridays

At the last minute, we were able to get together for lunch (when, at the last minute, we had at first canceled that lunch) - so we seized on that opportunity!  And then lamented that, thinking this would be the fast work Friday, we didn't really like our outfits!  But this is truth in blogging.  On the most random, casual of Fridays, this is what we wore!

Paloma says...

I was thrilled to have lunch with Karen today, but I was not so thrilled when I realized my return to the blog after another unintended hiatus would be in the most boring outfit ever.  The one thing I do love is the return of flare jeans - I feel like they are so much more flattering on my pear shape body than skinny jeans.  And somehow I feel more professional in them on a casual Friday.

Okay guys, I am going to try to blog every day next week! See you then!

Camisole: Old Navy (couldn't find similar but I wish I was wearing this)
Cardigan: Target (similar)
Jeans: AG
Shoes: Just Fab (similar)
Bag: Madewell

Karen says...

I'm like, t-shirt, torn jeans.  Not very lawyerly.  But fit is everything, and a Current/Elliott tee isn't just your ordinary tee!  I got this one hoping to wear it exactly this way, tucked in and loose with torn boyfriend jeans.  Maybe some heels would've punched up this look more, but for a Friday in summertime, had to go with the espadrilles.

Jeans: STS Blue 
Espadrilles: Adam Tucker
Clutch: 3.1 Phillip Lim (love this one!)
Accessories: Nixon watch, J.Crew cuff

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blue Bluer Bluest

The struggle is real.  We have both been buried in our little lawyer worlds.  Which is a shame, because summertime, my favorite time, is when you can wear bright colors and simple pieces.  Very bloggable events.

I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and am just awed by their lifestyles: traveling, sponsored, from glamorous city to city, constantly in the perfect clothes with a team of stylists and photographers around them.  And all they have to do is mind their Instagram every day.  Sincerely Jules in Capri.  The Blonde Salad in the Maldives.  So, I've never thought of this as a "fashion blog" as much as it is a web log of stuff we wear to work.  Lord knows the locations get about as exotic as the Target down the street.

In keeping with that "real girl" spirit, I often have in mind that outfit I'm going to wear because those items just look so cute sitting in my closet or on my ottoman, and I think, pairing them together will be perfect!  I have a running Pinterest in my head of all these outfits I'll put together.  And then when I do it, come 7:30 am every morning, I'm like... Oh my God.  I hate the way this looks on me.  Because obviously I see my lithe and winsome self standing in a cityscape, and then the reflection in the mirror is like the really drab office person.

So then there's all this trial and error... this morning, I was going to do a gray Current/Elliott tee with this navy polka dotted pencil skirt, but the shirt was bunching up at the waistline and I felt like a worm.  Found a much lighter cami and it went from there.  Blue, blue, and more blue!  Break it up with some orange pumps.  Pull out recently rediscovered vintage sunglasses.  Done!

Camisole: Martin + Osa (remember when?) (love this J. Crew similar)
Skirt: Banana Republic (this Vince Camuto is similar)
Pumps: Nine West (but this McQ splurge is to die for)
Clutch: 3.1 Phillip Lim (different color but similar on the Outnet)
Sunglasses: vintage Dior (how about some Tom Ford Palomas, perfectly named!)

Monday, June 8, 2015

The New Camo

Isn't beige, grey, and black the camouflage of the working woman's battleground?  It just blends into everything, subtle tones washing into a sea of conservative shades.  Such was how I felt this Monday.  I'm just blending in, folks.

Oh, and this was at the Westfield Century City, a photo taken by Stefan after I gave him like five minutes' worth of instructions.  Thanks, Stefan!  You were very patient with me while I shopped at Sephora and chatted up the Nespresso people.  I'll eat bibimbap with you anytime.

Top: H&M (love this)
Pants: H&M (like this)
Heels: Kenneth Cole (similar)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (love this too)
Watch: Nixon 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hello Again

Hello again! So clearly I took a blogging hiatus. And for three weeks! It was actually totally unintentional - I just got busy and skipped a few days and then it was just easy to keep not blogging than to start up again, if that makes any sense.  Anyway, I did start to miss it and so today I finally decided to jump back in with both feet.  And with those feet in these adorable new shoes, no less! These shoes were actually my co-worker's, but she realized they ran a bit small and were too uncomfortable for her.  So she generously donated them to my slightly smaller feet. And they. are. awesome.

Dress: Stitch Fix (alternative)
Cardigan: J.Crew (same cardigan, different colors)
Shoes: Just Fab (adorable similar-ish style)
Necklace: Forever 21 (alternative)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Priest Chic

Only when I took the second photo, did I realize, oh, haha, I dressed like Father Karen today.

I was actually going for like a collared shirt-sweater thing, but didn't have the right collared shirt on hand (as in, patterned or chambray), so I went with a frilly, white NSFW tank.  Matched it with some white and gold accessories, then two, yes two different animal prints.  Nice little accents for rainy day outfit!

Tank: Willaim B. (similar)
Sweater: Forever 21 (like this)
Skirt: Forever 21 (duh, right?) (similar price point)
Heels: Sole Society (and I like these)
Bag: Clare V. (again, duh!) (totally on sale)
Bracelet: Target (like this but mine is cheapo)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Greys + Camels

Oh, I should've posted this last week, when I wore it, but you know, I didn't.

Confession: after Italy, I got on this vacation hangover diet where I kept trying to eat the things I ate while in Europe.  This included starting every meal with a dinner roll and butter (reminiscent of international flight meal service).  It also included constantly eating pasta and multiple espressos (with sugar) a day.  To say nothing of the Mulino Bianco cookies I just can't get enough of.

So, I haven't been in a bloggy mood because things didn't fit right.  And I wasn't really in the mood to care because I was having a vacation hangover.

Sometime last week, the California switch went back on and I started running in the mornings again.  I've cut back on the cookies and cappuccinos.  Part of the reason we keep our blog is to stay accountable - to variety in our closet, to staying in the know, to dressing for the career we want to have - and to stay healthy so that clothes we invest in, continue to fit!  I mean, I don't think Paloma ever has any issue (so fabulously svelte, sigh), but I do know we share this philosophy about consistency.

OK, so this is last week, where I pulled out an old skirt from Forever 21 and threw it with an old jacket from H&M.  Something about grey with camel just makes so much sense to me.

Oh, and I love my Massimo Dutti t-shirt, it has sheer sleevelets which are just the right, dainty touch to a comfy tee.

Jacket: H&M (similar)
Skirt: Forever 21 (a similar Topshop midi)
Bag: Clare V. c/o Rent the Runway
Shoes: Zara (but I want these)

Tee: Massimo Dutti (love this one)