Priest Chic

Only when I took the second photo, did I realize, oh, haha, I dressed like Father Karen today.

I was actually going for like a collared shirt-sweater thing, but didn't have the right collared shirt on hand (as in, patterned or chambray), so I went with a frilly, white NSFW tank.  Matched it with some white and gold accessories, then two, yes two different animal prints.  Nice little accents for rainy day outfit!

Tank: Willaim B. (similar)
Sweater: Forever 21 (like this)
Skirt: Forever 21 (duh, right?) (similar price point)
Heels: Sole Society (and I like these)
Bag: Clare V. (again, duh!) (totally on sale)
Bracelet: Target (like this but mine is cheapo)