Blue Bluer Bluest

The struggle is real.  We have both been buried in our little lawyer worlds.  Which is a shame, because summertime, my favorite time, is when you can wear bright colors and simple pieces.  Very bloggable events.

I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and am just awed by their lifestyles: traveling, sponsored, from glamorous city to city, constantly in the perfect clothes with a team of stylists and photographers around them.  And all they have to do is mind their Instagram every day.  Sincerely Jules in Capri.  The Blonde Salad in the Maldives.  So, I've never thought of this as a "fashion blog" as much as it is a web log of stuff we wear to work.  Lord knows the locations get about as exotic as the Target down the street.

In keeping with that "real girl" spirit, I often have in mind that outfit I'm going to wear because those items just look so cute sitting in my closet or on my ottoman, and I think, pairing them together will be perfect!  I have a running Pinterest in my head of all these outfits I'll put together.  And then when I do it, come 7:30 am every morning, I'm like... Oh my God.  I hate the way this looks on me.  Because obviously I see my lithe and winsome self standing in a cityscape, and then the reflection in the mirror is like the really drab office person.

So then there's all this trial and error... this morning, I was going to do a gray Current/Elliott tee with this navy polka dotted pencil skirt, but the shirt was bunching up at the waistline and I felt like a worm.  Found a much lighter cami and it went from there.  Blue, blue, and more blue!  Break it up with some orange pumps.  Pull out recently rediscovered vintage sunglasses.  Done!

Camisole: Martin + Osa (remember when?) (love this J. Crew similar)
Skirt: Banana Republic (this Vince Camuto is similar)
Pumps: Nine West (but this McQ splurge is to die for)
Clutch: 3.1 Phillip Lim (different color but similar on the Outnet)
Sunglasses: vintage Dior (how about some Tom Ford Palomas, perfectly named!)