Lawyer-ly Best

Nothing exciting to see here... just me in a boring black dress and gray blazer. Had court this morning and had to look my lawyer-ly best. Actually felt like I was pushing the envelope a little bit by wearing a wrap dress instead of my traditional skirt suit/blouse combo. Oh so exciting! ;)
Dress: Old Navy (I think its time for a black wrap dress upgrade for me, and I am contemplating this)
Blazer: The Limited (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (alternative)

And here's how I styled this same dress on a (clearly much colder) March day two years ago.... (putting aside the weird stance in the pic [which I even noted at the time...why did I post this pic then? ugh, silly past version of me], I actually dig the ensemble - though I really don't like tights, try as I might...)

...Oh hey, look! I wore tights with this dress on another occasion a few months before that ... weird.

And on a much warmer day three years ago, I discussed taking this dress from day to night.... Oh, I loved those shoes, love this photo, love it all....