Feeling Fancy

Paloma says...

I got so many "you look fancy!" comments today. Makes me wonder if normally I look frumpy?

Sweater: Native boutique in Eagle Rock
Dress: Old Navy (2008 - click here for the 2014 version that I might have to buy at 40% off today!)
Necklace: Target

Also, my stance in this pic is weird-awkward.  But I have been crazy-freaking-busy at work (what else is new) and taking a picture was just not working out today, so after 20 attempts, I gave up and just picked the best of the bunch. Which ain't saying much.

On another note - it feels like winter in LA!  I was too cold to go bare-legged today.  WTF?!


  1. When people make such comments to me, it also makes me wonder what they mean. But, in my case, I know that I'm usually the most formally dressed at work (this really doesn't mean anything about my style, just not difficult for an European in New Zealand). Maybe it's just because, on that day, I've added a different element that they're not used too (e.g. heels)?? I'd take it just for the compliment it is ;) Rita

  2. I'm thinking that the "fancy" here is the sheer black stockings.


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