Work to Play

Both of us have places to go, people to see, and have to dress for it all while looking (and feeling) good for work.  Some articles doing double duty today as work then play pieces!

Paloma says...

I wore this black (faux) wrap dress today because I needed something that would transition easily from day to night, since I'm going straight from work to a reception for my husband's graduation from grad school. And if an LBD isn't the perfect day-to-night outfit, I don't know what is.

I kinda wish I had been able to photograph the "night" version of this outfit for the blog, but wasn't interested in doing basically an entire outfit change in front of Target.  Basically, I am just going to switch out the wedges for some big ol' platform heels and add a cool necklace.  Aren't I crafty?

I am wearing...

Old Navy faux wrap dress
Jessica Simpson wedges

Turquoise earrings from the Oxford Trunk
The ubiquitous Coach Candace Carryall (always!)

Karen says...

I'm so excited to try The Hart & the Hunter this evening.  I've heard wonderful things about the food, but I'm also very intrigued by the space.  It was much more interesting this morning trying to devise an outfit for a dinner I'm looking forward to rather than a day of work I could do without.  Just kidding, I love my job.  <Cough>

Like Paloma, I oftentimes would prefer to photograph my weekend or nighttime outfits.  But not only would we be hopeless in staying on top of that, it isn't the goal of this little co-project of ours.  Fortunately for me, a nice chunk of my outfits have taken place on "working remotely" days and have been as casual and non-worky as can be.

The only article of clothing here making a transition to evening are the trusty Manolos.  I needed the right length heel for some improperly hemmed jeans.  They're going to match up my Mother skinny flares, semi-backless Tennessee Wyatt t-shirt, and black Isabel Lu blazer with a studded collar.  Now doesn't that sound way better than the mess I'm wearing here?

Today's outfit is just a match-up of items whose rotations were up.  Definitely appropriate for this morning's client meeting in Van Nuys, a scorcher of a place.

I am wearing...

French Connection nude cami
frenchi (Nordstrom) 3/4-sleeve blazer in peach
H&M grey slacks
Manolo Blahnik strappy black pumps

Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli 
(will photograph this in detail soon sometime, I heart it!)