Friday Black & White

Basic black and white + denim on this Friday. My jeans are not black, but they look it in this picture and now I kind of wish they were. In any event. I also want to point out my cute Target shoes that I now have in black and tan.... I think I am in serious love, you guys.
Top: Old Navy (alternative)
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny (no longer made, but get the new version here)
Shoes: Target

And now, let's check out this top styled in days of yore....

Three years ago in the Barbie aisle with a wool pencil skirt (before I decided to cut off those damn strings from the collar)....I would wear this whole thing all over again today.

And this ensemble from later the same year.... I would also wear again. But only if I tucked the shirt in and wore different shoes. And geezus what a terrible photo. Ugh.
And with another colored pencil skirt (hm.... I am not particularly creative with this top, eh?) about a year ago.... and another terrible picture... but I digress.
Oh my dear. I have a lot of thoughts about this... the outfit is cute in theory (blouse, skinny jeans, tall boots), but OMG it was so poorly executed and so so poorly photographed. Embarrassing, really, especially next to that fab shot of Karen.


  1. I'm really liking the most recent posts where you show different ways you've worn an item or style. This top is really cute, and I think my fave look is your most recent one!


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