The Schizophrenic Season

It's 88 degrees outside.  In November.  Whatever.

Shirt: Maison Scotch / Vest: Zara / Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Socks: Club Monaco / Boots: Zara

Karen says...

Very much liking the socks and ankle boots thing and will be doing it all... winter... long.  Not that we even know what autumn and winter around here look like, with this high-80's weather crap.

This outfit is worky, or schoolgirly, or casual, not really sure what.  But safe to say it's a bunch of preppy basics thrown together.  And the skirt isn't really this short, I swear.

Shirt: Old Navy / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Necklace: Target

Paloma says...

Another day another comfortable outfit that makes me feel "meh."

After a stressful last month, with the accompanying bad habits of less sleep, less exercise, and eating poorly, I can't really be faulted for just wanting to wear sweatpants every day, right?  Once again, attempting to get as close to sweatpants as I can in my workwear - a stretchy cotton skirt and blousy top. Also, a side note: Its 90 degrees out today (wtf?) but my office is 34 degrees with A/C blasting.  Thus, I really feel like I should be wearing a cozy sweater and some pants.