Friday, May 24, 2013

The Round-Up: April 2013 Edition

We're way overdue on this, and about ready to round up May, but hey, better late than never!  Yeah!

Karen's Favorite Paloma Look:

her Vogue editor chic in Swapping Looks

Maybe I just like this so much because it was at a time when we were still co-workers.  Sad face!  But moreso the killer shoes and super svelte she's giving us here.  Now if only we weren't so busy that day, and could've taken this party to a deserted alley or a stark white wall, rather than have Paloma vamp in a corner office with tricky lighting.  I admit that I'm also partial to this look because it's totally where our styles intersect!  As always, loving those near-Valentino stilettos.

Karen's Favorite Karen Look

spring city chic in New Do, New Shoes

This was most unexpected and quite unplanned.  It really was one of those mornings where I was running late and didn't give a damn.  All of these pieces are work standbys, which happened to come together.  Obviously, I should sometimes just trust the classics and not try to get too crazy.  Something about all the colors here just work: black and white, a pop of pink, and of course the ombre is looking the way an ombre should!

Paloma's Favorite Karen Look:

the embellished collar and skater skirt in Gone With the Wind Fabulous

I just love that Karen wore a collared shirt/sweater combo, which is a very classic conservative work wear look, but made it fun and sexy by picking a shirt that had a rhinestone-studded collar, a short flippy pleated skirt, and leopard pumps.  So cute! (The windblown effect doesn't hurt, either!)

Paloma's Favorite Paloma Look:

the fun color combo in Primary Colors

I was just so darn happy with how this outfit came together.  Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do justice to the blouse, which is sort of a pretty navy blue.  I just love an unexpected color combination.  Almost as much as I love leopard print shoes!!

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  1. Karen! I picked two outfits with leopard pumps and you picked two outfits with T-strap pumps! Apparently we know what kind of shoes we like....