Safari Chic/Yellow Pattern Tee

This picture is funny - what am I looking at?

Anyway, I have been completely and totally M.I.A. lately because work has been beyond busy, because I had to file three motions for summary judgment in a three week period this month.  If you are a litigator, you know why that is completely gnarly.  If you are not a litigator, well, just trust me. It's rough.

In any event, the clouds have parted and I can see the light once again (perhaps that's what I'm looking at in the picture?), so I am determined to get back in the blogging swing. Today I'm sporting yet another LOFT skirt (seriously, I just placed an order for EIGHT more - losing weight is great for the confidence, bad for the budget, and fun for the shopping addict).  I love this skirt - its got a total safari vibe and the color is really versatile.  Plus its a great one to dress up or down.  Only downside is linen is wrinkly as all get-out.

Top: Old Navy (alternative)
Cardigan: Old Navy (cute alternative)
Skirt: LOFT
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (alternative)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (alternative)

Before I go, let's check out a few other ways I've styled this (surprisingly versatile) tee....

In September 2014 with a beloved pink skirt (wish it still fit!):

In June 2013, with some jeans and cognac accessories:

And in April 2013, with a bit of purple: