Friday Unfiltered

Just couldn't be bothered yesterday!  There have only been a handful of days this year when we didn't post.  Paloma was recuperating from a cold, and Karen felt that whatever she had on did not justify yet another selfy.

But here we are, and we even got to get lunch together to catch up on some very important events.  Today we are #nofilter.

Paloma says...

Well, I am back at work today after two days laid out with a killer cold.  Although I am not operating at full throttle, that's for sure.  My voice sounds like a prepubescent boy, I have a cough that won't quit, and Kleenex is still my best friend.  However... I was able to pull it together enough to put on a halfway decent outfit.  So what if that outfit consists of jeans that are too big so they feel like pajamas and an oversized t-shirt?  Thank God for casual Friday.

Interestingly, this whole outfit came about when I decided I wanted to wear my orange cardigan from LOFT... and that's the one piece of the outfit that isn't pictured.  It was way too hot for another layer, so it's hiding in my purse (alongside a bag full of Target loot and a Starbucks coffee) just outside the frame of this shot. Glamorous!!

I am wearing...

Old Navy tee
Gap Long & Lean jeans
Banana Republic Paula T-Strap Sandal

H&M belt
Banana Republic double hoop earrings in silver

Karen says...

My first words to Paloma when we met up at (where else?) Target were, "I don't know what I'm wearing today."  And I truly don't.  I have started to give up, and made a vow to Paloma that next week we will do more by way of composed outfits and accessories.

That said, these pieces are some of my favorite items in my entire closet, things I love to wear, so why not just shove them all together?

I am wearing...

J.Crew v-neck t-shirt
J.Crew plaid flannel shirt
H&M skinny bootcut jeans
Manolo Blahnik pumps

H&M necklace
Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli


  1. Yall should get an instagram!!

    1. Good idea, Brian! We haven't really given much thought to beefing up the ole blog til recently but its a good idea for sure! :)


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