Too Chipper

I am wearing TWO exciting purchases today.

One - these shoes. OMG. They are perfection (dont think my pic does them justice).  And they are $30 from Target. Comfy, cute, go with everything.... seriously does not get better. I expect to wear these basically every other day throughout open-toe shoe season (which in LA is 10 months per year).  In fact, I am buying them in black too.  Run, don't walk.

Two - these jeans. My fave jeans of all time are Gap's "Always Skinny." When I had to buy new jeans recently (for weight loss as opposed to weight gain reasons this time - huzzah!), I went to Gap only to discover that at some point they discontinued the Always Skinny and replaced them with the "True Skinny."  Unfortunately, the True Skinny jeans do not do my body any favors. :( Thankfully, ebay came to the rescue (again!) and I discovered there are many, many, many people still selling my beloved discontinued style... and at half the price or even less! I mean... that's pretty damn awesome.

OK, I am way too chipper about all this. Happy weekend, y'all.  (also - told you I'd wear this shirt today!)

Top: Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny (R.I.P.) (buy the new skinny jean here)
Cardigan: The Limited (similar)
Shoes: Target

Also, lets take a gander at how I wore this cardigan in 2013 (in one of our top posts ever...)

...and earlier that same year in a more summery get-up (and one of my personal favorite outfits)...


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