Monday, December 31, 2012

For Auld Lang Syne

"For the sake of old times," never more appropriate than when repurposing favorite closet stand-bys to feel festive when you have to work on New Year's Eve.  Or debuting a sparkly top that you'll probably never wear again after the holidays.

To commemorate our office lobby Christmas tree being unceremoniously dismantled over the next week, here's its last hurrah.  We actually didn't hate this tree, so amused were we by its aggressive peacock theme.

Karen is wearing...

J.Crew knit polka-dot sequin top in vintage champagne (tragically, on sale for 30% off here), H&M cream sheer button-down blouse, black skinny jeggings bought from Grey in Silver Lake ("Fave Silver Lake find!"), Barneys patent black leather pumps

Accessories: none today, except the trusty Mulberry Bayswater Satchel in oak, rare red lipstick venture of Lancome's Rouge in Love

Today Paloma totally channels Lorelei Lee in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with the red and pink color-blocking.  All that's missing are the Harry Winstons.  Here she is, caught mid-wave as co-workers happened to walk by.

Paloma is wearing...

J. Crew "Tippi" sweater (FW12) (another 30% hookup in other delicious colors here), Zara skinny red pants (FW10), Target Merona grey faux suede wedges (SS10) ("Only the finest.")

Accessories: Forever 21 long chain necklace, Citizen men's watch, and her beloved Coach Legacy Candace Carryall in cognac

Happy New Year!  (Really mean it this time.)

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity Scene

Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Casual Friday of Casual December

So really, today, more than any other, anything goes.

We're not, by any means, fashionistas.  We're bargain shoppers and fashion lusters.  Beyond that, we're attorneys whose creativity is used not at all in our nine-thirty to five jobs, so there's a small glimmer of amusement every day in dissecting what the other wears.  This is not a fashion blog!  It's just a safe place for us to dump our daily outfits.
It's also a little personal experiment, to see where these outfits go, and what we can do on a dime.  It's a cataloguing of outfits used and reused, and figuring out how to make the most of casual Fridays when every other day is buttoned up for court and meetings.

Meet Paloma!  Paloma has two adorable little girls (three years and six months, respectively), and a hunky hipsterish husband.  She can find anything on the internet and is always a few weeks behind on her Housewives episodes.

Paloma is wearing...

The Limited print blouse, LOFT bootcut jeans, Express cardigan (ca. 2006), tan Steve Madden pumps, H&M belt

Accessories (her own): obscenely large faux diamond studs ("From God knows where but I love 'em.")

Meet Karen!  Karen is a mild-mannered girl about town, enjoys discussing beauty products, is determined to recover her $50 KCRW membership fringe benefits, and likes settling down with a good coloring book ("I just do it to relax").

Karen is wearing...

J.Crew t-shirt (SS10), Marc by Marc Jacobs ribbed black skirt ("Love the fuschia lining!"), Hue polka dot tights, and Sam Edelman black wedge booties

Accessories (not really pictured): David Yurman bracelet, vintage black and white bracelet, Madewell gold acorn studs

Monday will be the last day of casual December, one last hurrah with jeans and tees before January 2013 hits and we're back to our basic blacks and charcoals.

Happy New Year!

Photos: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity Scene, Polarize Effect