Another B&W Skirt

....not to be all broken record about it but.... OMG WORK IS HARD.

Also, I clearly did not need another black and white skirt (since, at last count, I had six, and I have since added three more....), but this one is just so great! It's from LOFT, because clearly that is the only place I shop anymore, and it's comfy as hell (hello elastic waistband) - plus, it actually looks nice as opposed to looking like a sweat-skirt (which it basically is). The end.

Tank: LOFT
Cardigan: J.Crew
Skirt: LOFT (similar)
Shoes; Target (identical)


  1. LOVE this skirt!! And I echo you: Work is WAY hard. I'm so over it. Too much to do in too little time, 2 little kids, 14 weeks preggo with #3.. Can't things just be a little easier?? Blah.


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