Gray and Black, FTW

Another day, another court appearance, another black and gray ensemble. Whatever works, right? at least I punched it up a bit with red shoes (and a teeny pop of turquoise in the necklace).
Top: Loft (alternative)
Cardigan: Madewell (alternative)
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Ann Taylor (alternative)

And now lets take a gander at how I've styled this pretty basic white top in days of yore...

First up: April 2014. Wow, well that's a lot of color. I definitely went through a colorful period with a lot of odd color combos in 2013/2014. I still like the combo in theory, but would probably not go quite so bold today...
Next up: Also in April 2014 (just four days before the above outfit), I rocked this blouse on casual Friday with jeans, a bright cardigan, and (of course) a turquoise necklace.  Would definitely wear this all over again, but not with flats. I tried, I am not a flats gal (which is too bad when you are 5'8" - almost 6 feet tall in heels!)
And here we have it with jeans again - this time of the more colorful variety. I just remember it was freaking HOT the day we took this pic. And also how much I used to love those shoes (they just went into the goodwill pile yesterday!)
And finally, here it is in June 2013, untucked over slacks and paired with all shades of gray.... easy breezy.


  1. Love love loving all the recaps of various ways you've styled particular items lately. Especially since we're closet twins - it's reminding me of cute outfits I already own. Super fun to get walked through your archives! :)

    1. Thank you! I am enjoying it too - getting inspired by my past self! haha

  2. Love today's outfit! Really basic and simple for days where you either can't be or don't feel like being creative, but still has some style with the colorful shoes, details on the white blouse, and pop of color in the necklace. This is my kind of look!

  3. Great outfit!! Love this top and seeing it in previous incarnations, too.


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