Thursday, August 21, 2014

Purple and Red

We both wore purple and red today!  Freak thing!  We love it when this happens!

Paloma says...

Purple skirt and red shoes? Not sure if I am making it work, but I will say that I like it! And isn't that all that really matters?  Well, that and making sure I am dressed appropriately for work.  Seriously though, if you have read this blog for even a short time, you should know that I really love unusual color combinations, I think that might be my #1 favorite way to pizazz up boring work wear.

Shirt: anthropologie (similar-ish here)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (similar)
Shoes: Sole Society (similar here and here)
Necklace: J.Crew (similar here)
Also check out a few ways I've worn this purple skirt in the past... strangely enough, it's quite the workhorse in my closet!

see original posts here, here, and here.

Karen says...

Once again, I have the "less profesh" version of Paloma's concept.  A entire dressed-down redo, in fact, of her third outfit above.  I find it to be randomly wonderful whenever Paloma and I wear the same thing!

Tee: Target
Jeans: Mother (similar)
Shoes: Vans (Forever 21's $12.80 version here)

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