Lunching in Dresses

Together again!  And both in sleeveless dresses - one in classic black and one that is oh-so-bright.  We reunited today for a co-worker's birthday lunch (funnily, we had said lunch at the exact same spot as we did for his birthday last year, and took our pics in front of the same building... a tradition!)

Dress: Ted Baker
Shoes: Julianne Hough x Sole Society
Bag: some sample sale in San Diego in 2004

Karen says....

It's not every day we do these co-worker lunches, it's not every day I get to see Paloma!  (Once upon a time, it was every day.  Sniff.)  Also, it's 82 degrees out.  These are the excuses I give myself to wear a dress that might be a leetle bit too short for work.  

Still, it's a fave dress for its perfect fit and simplicity, and the cinched bow waist.  Paloma pointed out this might have been one of my 30 for 30 picks.  My reply was about how traumatic those 30 days were.  But I feel it coming again as fall approaches...

As for the mint shoes, they were hiding in my closet all spring, and that was inexcusable!

Dress: Stitch Fix
Bag: Target
Necklace: gift

Paloma says....

I've been feeling a bet blah lately about my clothes; largely because I am up just a few lbs so nothing fits like it used to.  But leave it to Stitch Fix to send this gorgeous fuschia wrap dress my way and snap me right out of that funk! Who doesn't love a wrap dress? And who doesn't love fuschia?? Also, totally channeling a favorite SJP look circa 2007 with the pop of turquoise jewelry!

Look, we really were together! :)
(Thanks, Vi!)


  1. Aww, y'all are both so cute! Love the pink dress!

  2. I love the shoes! Both pairs. Target has similar snakeskin for $30 (the tortoise is $15!!) I wore them all around the office and out to shop today and they were very comfortable.

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