Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Art of the Lunch Date

Today was two weeks and forty emails in the making - the co-worker's belated birthday lunch at Bar Ama.  Having three different versions of fried corn with cheese can't be beat, even if there's light heartburn to pay.

This is across the street from Hotel Barclay, where rates are written to be $1.00 a night.

Dress: The Limited Outback Red / Belt: Cole Haan / Shoes: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters / Clutch: Vintage / Pearls: Principessa Venice

Karen says...

By Paloma's suggestion, I decided to cinch this dress today with a belt.  This is the same dress from another co-worker lunch last month.  Later on in the day, I threw a navy jacket over it for a client meeting.  I wanted to wear some other fun combinations this week, but all are in that valley of "office-appropriate and cute but NSF-client meetings or court."  This dress is perfect for work (meeting) and play (lunch).

Went through some of our photos from the year, and am both horrified and delighted by some of the outfits.  Some weren't worth cataloguing, and others made me think, "How come I don't wear that more often?"  We agreed today that, as difficult as it's becoming documenting our outfits every day, it is an interesting personal experiment.  It also keeps us accountable, and is a great motivator to stay on top of things like Pinterest, Pose, and fashion blogs in general.

This was a fun part of downtown; wish we could have caught more of it, but group lunches in and of themselves are such a luxury.

Top: Urban Outfitters / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Necklace: Forever 21
Takeout Bag: Bar Ama

Paloma says...

Nothing like a red skirt to put the pep back in your step! (Fashion-wise, at least).  That, and a lovely leisurely lunch with (former) co-workers.

Today we lunched in the more hip/artsy/fashionable part of DTLA, which meant our impromptu sidewalk photo shoot was far less unusual to passers-by.  I highly doubt we are the only fashion bloggers wandering those streets.  I think Karen and I were both a bit bummed that our lunch companions were in a rush to get back to work, as we would have liked to troll around awhile looking for new photo locations.  Anyway...

The skirt is the last of my four recent J.Crew Factory purchases. I honestly can't believe there was ever a time when bright colored pencil skirts weren't a part of the work wear universe. They just make every outfit better!

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