Blue Suede Shoes

Paloma says...

Blouse: Gap / Skirt: The Limited / Sweater: Old Navy / Shoes: Sole Society

OK, so I think my outfit is pretty darn boring, my hair looks awful, and I couldn't get a decent picture to save my life (probably because of the latter).  HOWEVER.  What is truly important about this outfit is THE SHOES.  I love them.  Been lusting for blue suede shoes forever - or at least since I first saw them on Karen (note: I just realized that Karen said basically the same thing - while wearing a very similar outfit to this - when her blue suede shoes first appeared here), and today was the day.  Hurrah!  Also, yet another shout out to Sole Society, for consistently keeping my feet looking cute.


  1. These must be the shoes you mentioned :) they are very nice! Rita


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