Last Call for 2013

So we haven't quite figured out what v2.0 will look like, and we're excited at the prospect of figuring out something new for next year.  For now, here's one last post for the last casual workday of 2013.

Shirt: Anthropologie / Jacket: Spiewak / Leggings: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Topshop 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Necklace: J.Crew Factory

Karen says...

This outfit might as well be a "Best of" for holiday retail 2013.  Almost everything here is something I got on sale during some holiday clearance, with the exception of the standard UO leggings and the Topshop sneaks, last worn on a sunny day in May.  Bag was 20% off at Nordstrom.  T-shirt was 25% off the sale rack at Anthropologie.  Jacket was 50% off already on sale from UO.  Necklace was 30% off J.Crew Factory.

Of all these steals, the jacket is really the most amazing thing.  I am so in love with it that I hug it to sleep at night (I don't).  Not only is it the ideal car coat, but it has a glorious faux fur collar, and I got it half off of an already sale price for something outrageous.  Of course, here's it is at its normal sale price, and it's still worth every penny.

Other than that, here are my plans for 2014, so far: (1) get hair done; and (2) find new pose. 

Sweater: Express / Shirt: The Limited / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Sole Society / Necklace: Forever 21

Paloma says...

Last outfit of 2013!  So lovely that my firm let us wear "work appropriate" jeans today (that's seriously what the memo said), because there is nothing I love more than styling jeans for work.  See, on the weekends my jeans are pretty much always worn in a completely un-stylish manner - sneakers, sweatshirts, flats, messy hair, what have you.  Comfort is king for weekends chasing two hyperactive children.  However when I wear jeans to work I get to pair them with heels, jewelry, and cute shirts.  In short, Casual Friday is my favorite.  So on weeks like this when I get a Casual Friday and a Casual Wednesday, I am a happy camper.  I miss the days of my old (and Karen's current) firm - Casual December and Casual August! The best.

Anyway, I digress. I am wearing this outfit as inspired by Ms. Witherspoon in this image. Love the look of navy on navy (er, denim) with red shoes. Just so simple and chic.