Friday, May 10, 2013

Reunion at Maguire Gardens

And now it's co-worker Jamie's last day.  Jamie is going across the street to another firm, but she was also a quasi-contributor to the blog as a sometime stylist, sometime photographer, but mostly not judging us when we said we were going to do this, and playing along like it was the most normal thing.  The band breaking up - with all of our greatest employment law hits behind us - is definitely a sad event for the 2013 record books.

However, we were able to reunite briefly today at Maguire Gardens at the Central Library.  Jamie and Steve waited while we took our photos.  Again, the most normal thing.

Karen says...

I resisted as long as I could (I mean, more than a year really) but I finally got some wedge sneakers.  Along with the platforms I've been wearing a lot recently, it's just the big clunky heel look I've been really into.  This is what happens when you spend way too much time on Pinterest.

Other than that, this is a inexpensive jumpsuit from last year and the pants taper well into the sneakers for a Friday look.  Problem is, the new attorneys starting on our team chose today to move into our side of the office and this is the outfit I greeted them in.  Steve frankly told me that I looked like I was wearing my pajamas.  I thought it was a bit more progressive than that. 

I am wearing...

Grey racerback jumpsuit (probably cost $15 from the Forever 21-like store I found it in)
Club Monaco charcoal grey cardigan
Topshop Accabusi Hiker sneakers

Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pebble leather
J.Crew faux rhinestone and mauve ribbon bracelet
Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses

Paloma says...

Compared to the high-fashion Karen, I am looking a bit like a boring high school student today.  Nonetheless, I'm comfortable!  A cute blouse, well-fitting jeans, and heels is pretty much a no-fail combo.

Looking forward to a lovely Mother's Day weekend.  Workout, pedicure, Mexican food and margaritas = my perfect Mother's Day celebration.

Happy Friday!

I am wearing...

GAP blouse
Adriano Goldschmied jeans
Steve Madden pumps

Coach Legacy leather Candace carry-all in cognac

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