First Day of the Last Month!

By the end of this month - we will have blogged our work outfits for one full year!

Shirt: The Limited / Cardigan: J.Crew / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini / Earrings: Macys / Bag: Sole Society
Paloma says...

  • Remember this skirt? And how I lamented that it was too big and frumpy on me after I lost the baby weight? Well after some ebay stalking, I was able to find the exact skirt in the proper size! Happy day!
  • I have been lusting after this bag for just about ever.  And I always hesitated to pull the trigger because I have my trusty, tried-and-true Coach Candace Legacy Tote that I adore and do I really need another bag? But when Sole Society ran a 33% off sale this week (and they never have sales), I decided that yes, it had to be mine. Hence the picture of me carrying a bag while standing in my office by myself. (Not something I usually do because that would be weird).
  • This picture is grainy and horrible quality. Boo.
  • Bullet point blogging. I like it.

Dress: Club Monaco / Shoes: Vince Camuto

Karen says...

Well, this outfit looks terribly uninteresting here because my hunter green shoes did not quite come out.  But in person, the pop of green really helps.  I also had on a pink cardigan, but decided that would be too much altogether for the photo, though the cardigan is quite necessary when venturing outside.

First of the month, and behind the door selfies are in order because it's hard to get motivated after a long weekend!  As it happens, I have casual December going in the office, so will take as much license as I can with a last month of outfits.  We will revamp for next year, but for now, it's another month of fashion fun.