Pencil Skirt Parade

Nothing says "don't eff with me, fellas" more than the power pencil skirt, and that's exactly the attitude we need for this abysmally busy Monday.

Paloma says...

Unexpectedly busy this afternoon, so no time to say much except that  this outfit was too cute to be portrayed in a grainy selfie.  Methinks I need a better camera...

I am wearing...

GAP olive green drapey cardigan
J.Crew white pleated peplum top
The Limited high-waisted yellow pencil skirt
Target Pearce pumps

Freshwater pearl drop earrings from the Eagle Rock Farmers Market ca. 2011

Karen says...

I, meanwhile, had the luxury of a lunch companion today and subjected him to taking these self-indulgent photos over at Figat7th.  Doing my best Clara Bow here...

I cannot say enough about how much I love Cherry Pick Vintage.  This is the tucked away vintage boutique to end all vintage boutiques, and I'm starting to keep a good catalog of vintage and consignment shops all over Los Angeles.  My favorite Bonwit Teller clutch is from there, as well as the straw woven clutch here, both of which were under $30.  The big difference with Cherry Pick is not just the tasteful curating of lovely vintage items, but that their prices are pretty much perfect.  I have paid - over the protests of shopping buddies - pretty pennies on gently used couture, and felt that it was worth it, but this shop really gets it right.

Other than that, I'm learning so much from my co-blogger, including this great tip about The Limited.  Just solid work basics, also at a great price point.  Coupons and promotions galore.  Not everything there is good (like a Zara or J.Crew), but if you put in the time, a lady lawyer finds all that she needs.  (As well, if you can put up with the Glendale Galleria, which is a real toss-up for me.)

I am wearing...

Oversized white t-shirt from Bobbi (now Myrtle) in Silver Lake
The Limited Black Collection Angle Seam Pencil Skirt (says it's black, looks navy)
Vintage floral cardigan from Cherry Pick
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heel Pumps in nude

M. Rocks pendant
Double-strand pearl necklace from Santorini
Vintage woven straw clutch from Cherry Pick