Business As Usual

More than just being back in the same city, but both being in the office (our respective ones), and... meeting up for photo and lunch!  These simple things now sometimes feel like a luxury.

Karen says...

I really could've used Paloma being in the office next door when I returned back from New York yesterday. It's something I can't explain, but surely something everyone who knows her can feel - she just gets it.  Instead, I had this male co-worker here at the office who gave me the world's most awkward birthday hug and said something like, "Sorry you're tired" as I finished off the work day in a funk.

So, what familiar comfort to gab it up with Paloma today at Bottega Louie and tell her all about my amazing weekend, from wedding to birthday and everything in between.  It was kind of like experiencing everything all over again, only better, because Paloma knows how to turn even the not-so-fun bits into funny or revelatory details.  And the happy bonus - she bought me birthday lunch!  Wonderful.

This shirt was literally waiting on my doorstep when I got home.  It's a blouse I ordered a while ago, so having something new to wear eased the pain of, you know, having to work again.  I very much felt like I was channeling Barbra Streisand in her Funny Girl Oscar dress with the wide schoolgirl collar and flared pants.  Only, mine isn't see-through.

I am wearing...

I.Madeline blouse with studded white schoolgirl collar and cuffs
Trina Turk black flared trousers with mid-calf slits
Manolo Blahnik black strappy pumps

Vintage Bonwit Teller clutch (at least 30 years old!)
Kate Spade black sunglasses (switching it up)

Paloma says...

Wow, our blog pictures are so much better when taken by each other.  My selfies were getting pathetic and I am so glad to see us together again after nearly a week apart.

Lovely day, lovely lunch, lovely company.  It's just starting to really sink in that Karen and I don't work together anymore. And all the lunches, coffees, and Gchats (which I swear I am not doing while I should be working!) in the world are no substitute for being right next door to each other and able to walk in and out of each other's offices a hundred times a day.  There just isn't enough time in a lunch hour to cover all the topics we want to cover!

Anyway, on to the outfit... this skirt was a present I bought myself when I first started working as a lawyer, because I wanted something other than a pencil skirt.  (I think I may have already told this story on the blog before... have I worn this skirt on the blog before?  Oh well). Anyway, it's fun and pretty and actually has a cute zipper detail on the back that I should have photographed.

Also loving on these Target (Mossimo) pumps - they are insanely comfy for cheap shoes!

I am wearing...

GAP gray v-neck tee
Express full skirt
Mossimo x Target Pearce pump in camel patent

Faux pearl studs
Alexis Bittar bangle (similar)