You Still Reading? (+ a wrap dress)

Hello. Does anyone read blogs anymore? I pretty much only post on Instagram these days, but if you vote for me continuing to post here as well, let me know.

As for the clothes - this wrap dress is the best.

Dress: Max Studio (only a few colors/patterns/sizes left here, but here is a long sleeve alternative)
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: The Limited (RIP) (alternative)


  1. I don't instagram, but I do see your posts in my feed reader. :)

  2. Longtime lurker, though I don't think I've ever commented here. I love blogs and am quite sad that it's a dwindling format. (Though now that I've finally gotten used to using Instagram, it really is a natural format, particularly for sharing outfits!)

  3. Yes, still reading, and still loving your style. :)

  4. Yes! I still read- Instagram is great too! What happened to your partner in crime?

  5. Yes, keep blogging. I'm still reading. :)


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