Moody Floral

Work is decidedly less busy as of late (whew) so I spent a good portion of my day (more than I intended, in fact) watching the trial of a case that I worked up and which is being tried by my coworkers.  Noted that it was odd to be in court but not in a suit.

Also. I have been binge-watching the show Divorce lately (also Big Little Lies, which is flipping amazing but that is not relevant here), and have been loving the dark and moody color scheme of the show, in particular the use of patterns and florals.  Was inspired, therefore, to bust out this moody dark floral pencil skirt which is a bit winter-y for a (hot) Spring day, but oh well.

Top: Target (alternative)


  1. Yes to HBOs Divorce and Big Little Lies!! And the moody skirt :)


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