It's been a minute, sorry. Anyway, I'm back and I note that I'm in the exact same color combination that I wore in my last post. Clearly I like it... Had two depositions this morning in another city, and then grunt work in the office all afternoon. My exhaustion with this day is pretty evident on my face....

Skirt: The Limited (R.I.P.) (alternative)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar)
Heels: Steve Madden (can't find exact color, but lots of other options are available)


  1. Ok, I'm gonna stop lurking and finally ask about your open-toed shoes. I feel like I often see them mentioned as off-limits for most workplaces, but I see you rocking them often and looking awesome. Does your office have a specific policy and/or has it established norms around this? Another acceptable answer is "IDGAF." Curious minds want to know!

    1. Hi Amanda! I will say, my office falls on the more casual end of the business casual dress code - at least, as much as is possible for a law office. There is no specific policy re open toed shoes, but I definitely watched to see what other women did for awhile before I started sporting open toed shoes myself. Thus far I have not been told my shoes are inappropriate (or my skirts, for that matter, which I realize tend toward the short side, but thats what happens when you are a tall chick like me) "IDGAF" - that made me laugh!


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