Freedom = Short Hair

So I have obviously been bogged down with work for months on end. I had a huge trial in early September which went on for nearly five weeks.... and then as soon as that was over I had to start preparing for another trial that was set for October 31.  So. I basically haven't had a chance to take a single breath in that time.

But then, miracle of miracles, the case set for trial on the 31st settled on the first day of trial.  And suddenly I am free. (Ok, not really, I still have a boatload of work, but all of it feels waaaaay more manageable than TRIAL).

Anyway, to celebrate my freedom, I chopped off all of my hair. Huzzah! Not used to it yet, but I think i like it!

As for the outfit - I am celebrating an unseasonably warm November day (or is it? seems 80 degrees in LA is the norm now for November) with one of my fave dresses.

Dress: Madewell (not super similar but alternative)

Cardigan: The Limited (alternative)
Shoes: Ann Taylor


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