Blue Dress

Too busy for words. Here is a blue dress. From LOFT. Because of course.
Dress: LOFT (exact) (similar
Shoes: Charles David (exact) (similar)


  1. I love your posts! I am a totally loyal reader and these posts are exactly what I'm looking for. I am like you, super busy every day and doing my best to look nice. I saw this post and thought.. that looks awesome! I can do that too! YOUR content, however you put it out there (a few words, a lot of words, fancy pose, simple pose... the fanciness doesn't matter to me) gives me ideas which brings me joy. You rock! Keep them coming!! :)

    1. wow, this made my day. I have said before that I envy the "fancier" fashion blogs out there and sometimes feel like I am just a big dork taking selfies in my office... so it makes me happy to hear that people enjoy seeing the content, however it comes out (which, clearly, varies day to day...ha!) Thanks for reading! :)


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