Monday Finest

Looks like our groove is a quick coffee at G&B at the Grand Central Market.  Starting Monday with some heavily caffeinated five-dollar coffee is 1000% the way to go!

And today's in-between-meeting brekkie was sponsored by Paloma.  Thank you, Palomita!

Paloma says...

I literally threw this scarf on as I walked out the door just because it felt chilly, without any thought as to whether it worked with my outfit.  So it was a pleasant discovery that it actually paired quite nicely with my olive sweater.

Tank: Gap
Cardi: LOFT (alternative)
Skirt: LOFT (alternative)
Scarf: no idea? (alternative)

Karen says...

I was dreading this Monday more than most because I have the deadly court plus depo combo, enough to drain anyone for the rest of the week.  But court ended a tad early, so I was able to meet with Paloma for a fast coffee and photo.  On this morning, my almond macadamia cappuccino was twice as sweet with her stylish company.

The skirt is the same as the one from Thursday (guilty!).  I was lazy this morning.  But thrown together with a nicely fitted Theory jacket and a loose and comfy PJK top, you'd never know... (except that I just told you).

Blouse: Patterson J. Kincaid (similar)
Jacket: Theory 
Shoes: Zara (but how awesome are these!)
Skirt: S.Y.L.K. (longer is nice, too!)