Once-A-Year Dress

This dress is great. But I can only wear it about once a year because there really aren't a ton of ways to style it. Or, once every three years, as the case may be here.  In any event, it stands on its own, so to speak. And does it well, I'd say, since its freaking adorable.
Dress: Tabitha - from Anthropologie (not at all similar but oh-so cute)
Shoes: Just Fab (alternative)

And here's the only other way I've worn the dress on the blog.... exactly as I wore it today, basically, just with a cardigan (I had a gray one on today that I didn't photograph) and some hoop earrings.


  1. I don't think this dress requires any styling! And hence is the perfect dress to wear lots! But I also think it would look super cute with a fitted denim jacket and wedges, like my Seychelle Gale Force Wedges that I wear the shit out of. And I also think this dress would look great with red pumps! Basically it's darling and you look darling and you should wear it more. Kthanksbye.


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