Worth the Wait

When I first saw this dress in Banana Republic four or so years ago I fell madly in love with it, but was not down with the price tag, so I did what I often do.... troll ebay for months obsessively.  A year or so later and the dress was mine, for 25% of the price.  Unfortunately, my weight was a roller coaster after having my second kid, and the dress just never fit right and fell way to the back of my closet. So imagine my joy when today I tried it on and the damn thing fit properly for the first time ever! Huzzah! The dress is so beautiful, it was worth the wait.
(PS: I am going to apologize for the first and last time about the annoying desk corner and light switch in all my pics... this really is the best pic location in my office, sorry y'all!)
Dress: Banana Republic (similar) (similar) (similar)
Shoes: Charles David


  1. You look awesome! Hair, dress, shoes. Really great. :)

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  3. That's a great dress! Beautiful print and nice cut.

  4. Also, the light switch and desk don't annoy me, but if it bothers you, maybe you could stand in front of the light switch to hide it and then crop the pic where the desk isn't in frame?


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