On Hiatuses, Clothing Rental, and Closet Faves

Yes!  We've blogged twice in two weeks - let's see if we can keep this going...

So yes, yes, we are well aware of the infrequent blogging!  It surprises us that people read this at all, much less continue to read it, and that sometimes escapes us when the days go by and we don't break for a quick photo a couple of times a week.  Really glad, though, that you guys stop by now and then!

Today was a quick meetup at the Whole Foods to grab lunch.  That parking lot lighting sure can be fickle.

Karen says...

I have been a Rent the Runway Unlimited subscriber for about a year now, and a part of that pursuit was to consistently blog all the goodies I'd get each month.  (Well, see above regarding those efforts...)  RTR, I sure do love you, but you are one sneaky creature... My subscription price basically went up 300% in the span of a year.  And then my dear friend Jen kept telling me about how she had been on the wait list for months, which made me think, Damn.  I can't cancel it now.  So I was held hostage by this pricey service for the better part of a year.  Items had been hit and miss.  I took huge advantage of the handbags - that's where I got the most use out of it.  Commensurate with their price hike, they also tripled their inventory so that you could now rent clothes in addition to just accessories.  However, you had to really eyeball how the couture pieces would look and fit, and a week later after it arrived, if it didn't fit or looked just crazy (how often does one wear fur, for instance), it was back to waiting another two weeks or so before you could get the next piece.  So, I'm not sure if the value weighed itself out in the turnaround with having to send everything back to New York from California.

But a couple of Clare V. bags really kept me on the subscription, until I realized, uhh, spending a few grand on this a year is bananas.  And with that, I blog the final two pieces I've picked from RTR: a scarlet Theory dress and a killer Coca Rocha x Botkier studded purse.  Closeups as well since, well, you know.  Lighting in a parking garage ain't great.  And the links below take you directly to what I picked.

Shoes: The Limited

Paloma says...

I love this shirt. It's been in my closet for eons and every time I wear it I have a renewed love for it.  It's the perfect bit of brightness against a bunch-o-neutrals...

Top: Old Navy (alternative)
Cardigan: Loft (alternative)
Skirt: Loft
Bag: Madewell