Feels Like Fall

Actually, it doesn't.  It's still 75 degrees out.

Paloma says...

I look easy-breezy in this picture, but the reality is I felt kinda tired and bleh today.  The good news, though? I can fit into this skirt again for the first time in a whole year! Huzzah! I have finally gotten serious about exercise (yoga and running are my jam), and also stopped eating like my children (pizza/nuggets/french fries, oh my), and the result is that I have all these clothes that I can fit into again - its like getting a whole new wardrobe! 

Shirt: The Limited (exact in other colors)
Skirt: LOFT (alternative)
Shoes: JustFab (alternative)
Bag: Madewell

Karen says...

I only went to New York for, like, three days, but it got me very motivated to wear all my slacks.  I was telling Paloma today (TWO hangouts in one week, thank you very much!) that I am currently very motivated to wear pants, going through these long neglected treasures because they evoke autumn in New York.  I'm sure it will only take another day or so for me to go back to my flouncy skirt wearing ways.

Also, we talked about how I've been doing a shopping freeze (gasp!) and have to dig deep into my closet to really wear everything.  It takes diligence and discipline.  But, if I keep at it, maybe I can buy less of the fast fashion and more of the couture.  I HOPE SO.

Shirt: ASTR (I like this too)
Pants: DWP (cargo version)
Heels: Kenneth Cole (love these too)
Bag: Forever 21