Made Well and Vest Dressed

Whoa whoa whoa... three times together in a week?  Is it maybe the best week of our lives?  We were both crazy busy today but were able to meet up for an uber-productive lunch at KazuNori and cappuccinos after at Ledlow.

Paloma says...

Was so happy to blog today (we are on a roll!) because I get to model my new (and oh so wonderful) dress, which was a birthday present from my lovely mom!  I never go shopping in stores (online always!), but my mom was in town last weekend for my birthday and we spent 85% of the weekend shopping because that is how we do.  Anyway, it was fun to browse the racks and see what's trending... much different than the online experience indeed.  I noticed a strong theme of seventies-era clothes, with lots of high waisted jeans, moody florals, and brown/mustard/orange shades. Anyway, this dress feels very 70s to me for some reason but I can't pinpoint why. And though I was a bit concerned that it was too short for work, I felt awesome in it (just couldn't lift my arms). 

Dress: Madewell
Shoes: Charles David
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (LOVE this alternative)
Bag: Madewell

Karen says...

I'll be honest, this vest-dress was an impulse buy a few weeks back after I had a drink.  I was walking around the Century City mall after a tipple and wandered into a Banana Republic.  Big mistake.  Huge.  Or maybe the best decision I've made for the fall season?

Still figuring out ways to wear it, but today I wore it like a summer suit jacket for a deposition.  Going to convert it into a dress for the après le travail look.

Oh, and the happy grin was per Paloma's request.

Vest: Banana Republic (on sale, obvs)
Skirt: Joie (I like this)
Metallic Tank: Only Hearts (like this)


  1. You guys both look so great! And that smile is so contagious :)

    Roxi -


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