Belated Everything

More than just a belated birthday lunch, it is a belated everything lunch.  In an ideal world we have lunch together once a week; in the real world it's getting to be once every six months!  In any event, today was a happy reunion at 10e... catching up on work, travel, family, friends... and clothes!

Karen says...

Casual and rainy Friday!  I had a couple of nice birthday outfits this week for the ol' three-six, but all of the working and celebrating got in the way of posting.  Still, was very excited to put together a lovely new necklace from my darling friend Cynthia, and a Stella McCartney Falabella knock-off that I bought in Italy from Blue Sand for 50 euro!  Two things I really miss from Italy: Blue Sand and Kiko Milano cosmetics.

Was simply wonderful getting together with Paloma at 10e for some Lebanese.  We ate a lot, talked even more.  Wish every Friday could be like this.  Thank you, my dear friend, for lunch!

Shirt: Heavenly Couture (similar)
Necklace: Gift (similar)
Jeans: H&M 
Boots: Zara (but I want Harrows)
Bag: Blue Sand (the real one in white is gorgeous!)

Sitting in Vi's office, taking a selfie of this necklace from Cyn.

Paloma says...

Oh I could just gush for an hour about how wonderful it was to see my beautiful friend Karen today. Makes me nostalgic for the days when we our offices were right next door to each other.... sigh

In outfit news: nothing could be more simple or more classy than all black. Right? It's even more perfect on a gray and rainy day like today (hello, 60 degrees! That's straight-up winter weather here in SoCal!). Paired with a camel blazer and red shoes, and its anything but boring.

Shirt: Express
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Sole Society (similar)
Blazer: The Limited (similar)
Purse: Coach (not similar but cute!)


  1. Love the all black, camel blazer wih red shoes. Totally borrowing the look next week :)

  2. Love this!!!

    Roxi -


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