Second Chances

Just another day, another outfit. When I put this shirt on this morning I decided that I don't like it all that much and that this would probably be its last outing before going in the goodwill pile.  However, after wearing it all day and now seeing it photographed, I think I actually might like it?  Maybe I will give it a second chance, after all.  Big time life choices, people. Big time.

Shirt: Old Navy (alternative)
Cardigan: Martin + Osa (alternative)
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Nine West (similar)


  1. Oh please don't throw that top away! It definitely makes this outfit, I think I might try to recreate it at some point this spring, or even in the fall!

    Roxi -

  2. I also will take an article of clothing for one last spin before donating it (if I'm on the fence). You never know! This top is really cute.

  3. I like that top, would also be cute paired with pastels for summer or rust for fall!


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