Just the Jewelry

I did the formerly unthinkable. I went to a 6:30 a.m. Hot 8 Yoga class.

Now, if you told me at any point in the past that I'd be up at that hour to work out, I would've called you a liar.  But I just hung on to holiday jet lag (like a champ) and I'm more than a month into 2015 with being up before 6:00 a.m., every day.  My awesome co-worker and friend, Jenifer, is the morning yoga addict and so I joined her this morning for some serious yoga ass-kicking.  It hurts so good.

So, I had to just pack light to transition from workout to work in her part of town, Bev Hills.  The outfit is simple as can be - Forever 21 dress, black heels, yesterday's black shag cardigan.  So we'll just focus on a couple of tiny details today.

Clover in Rose Gold: Wilma & Ethel (splurge)
Chunky Gold Chain: H&M (probably a better one here that won't turn green)