Paloma's January 2015 Purchases

In 2015 I really want to get back into budgeting and sharing what I buy each month, because it holds me accountable and I love reading these posts by other bloggers.  So here ya go....lots of shoes and accessories this month! Also, please note that I don't have photoshop and am incompetent when it comes to making those pretty collages, but I tried.

Also, linking up with Franish and other budget bloggers.

Top Row (L-R):
The Limited Slant Pocket One Button Jacket (originally $108, purchased for $64.80) = I feel like I need more blazers and less cardigans in my life - they just make any outfit look 100 times more polished.  To that end, I snatched up this camel colored blazer which gets great reviews and which I can see myself wearing with slacks, a dress, or jeans on casual Friday.  I ordered it online and it hasn't arrived yet, but I've got my fingers crossed that its a winner!

Asos "Feather Weight" Leather Sandal (in black and nude - $34 each) = All of the leather sandals I own are either totally trashed or totally out of style.  I refuse to fall back on flip flops this summer, so these gorgeous and basic leather flats are just perfect.  Of course, I had to get them in two colors.  Black is sold out, but nude is still available in limited sizes.

Middle Row (L-R):
The Limited Textured Chain Stretch Bracelet (originally $30, purchased for $18) = I have quite a few necklaces and earrings, but am short on bracelets.  My biggest beef with them is that its hard to wear them while typing all day - they seem to get in the way.  However, I have been noticing them on other women and bloggers, and feel like they add a touch of class to any ensemble, so I am trying it out and getting a couple.  I love the look of this chain bracelet and it has the word "stretch" in the description, which to me  = comfort.

The Limited Sparkling Rings Necklace (originally $30, purchased for $12) = I probably didnt need another necklace, but I just loved this simple one, and its unlike anything I own.

The Limited Teardrop Gem Stretch Bracelet (originally $35, purchased for $15) = yet another bracelet purchase so I can test them out.

Bottom Row (L-R):
Nine West "Martina" Pointed Toe Pump (originally $90, purchased for $80) = My beloved leopard wedges (the Jessica Simpson "Minna") have been officially worn into the ground and are beyond repair.  After spending months scouring ebay for them in my size, I have come up empty-handed and decided to bite the bullet and find a replacement pair.  These Nine West ones (which are being shipped to me as we speak) look perfect.  I have to say, the leopard shoe is one of the most surprisingly versatile pieces I have ever purchased.   

ASOS "Speech" Pointed Heels ($47) = I waxed on about my love for these shoes the other day.  I have to say, when I was pulling together this post, I was surprised to see that all of the shoes I bought from Asos were not on sale - that is very unlike me, considering I pretty much never buy anything unless it's on sale.  Guess that's what happens when you are online shopping on a Friday night while drinking wine alone. :(  Nonetheless, the prices were good and these shoes are already a fave.

Total Spent in January = $305.00

This is above what I usually aim to spend, but not by much.  And considering that I will get a lot of use out of everything I bought, I feel OK with this amount.  Nonetheless, hoping to undershoot in February - its a short month, so maybe I will be successful! :)


  1. I like this feature. Great camel jacket - fingers crossed it works out!

    1. Thanks! I like doing this feature, too. Even though its hard to look at how much i spent sometimes! I am sure you will see how the blazer works out... hope to wear it on the blog soon!

  2. Really like your purchases, and all of the shoes from ASOS are lovely! I could see myself wearing all of these items and leopard shoes are a woman's best friend!

  3. I lost count at 10 pairs of how many pairs of leopard heels I have!! ;). Did you get the flat ankle strap sandals yet? Love to see how they look on! I may need to get some! :)

    1. I know, leopard shoes are the BEST. I got the sandals but haven't worn them yet.... I definitely won't wear them to the office but I will make a point to get a weekend outfit photo with them - as soon as the weather cooperates!

    2. My FAVS are leopard T strap wedge sandals. HEART THEM! But I live in BOSTON!! No open toe for a longgggg time. :(. Can't wait to see how the sandals look on you this weekend!

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  5. (Sorry that last post posted twice. Was having issues...CLEARLY, lol. I'm not techy...;). )


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