Winter Casual

Bring on the faux fur!  Admittedly, the whole Uggs/shearling in California thing is totally pretentious given there's uh, no snow, and it's never really below 65.  But faux fur looks fab, and you can't hate a girl for the envy.

This is my last casual Friday in 2014!  For the first time in 3.5 years, and my first time with my firm, I'm taking a proper vacay.  (I know, I know.  Austin, New York, Aspen, all those weekend trips... but this isn't a day tacked onto a weekend.  I'm gone!)  I won't be here for 10 days or so and the idea of leaving everyday work tasks isn't as amazing as I thought it'd be.  Once I move past the anxiety (which may or may not take like two minutes once I get to LAX, passport in hand), I will revel in the idea of being detached and far away.

On that note, all the more reason to rock the faux fur and shearling.  Vi and I went to Target to buy Christmas essentials, and stopped by this really weird social media spot.  More to come later on these Matt Bernson Tundras.  I plan to wear them all over Taiwan.

Top: J.Crew Factory Charley (on sale and in different colors)
Pants: Current/Elliott (like these)
Boots: Matt Bernson Tundra (on sale basically everywhere)
Bag: Sole Society Agnes
Jacket: Spiewak (check the Forever 21 steal)