Wear It Wednesday: Shirt + Sweater

It's Wear it Wednesday again!  And once again, we are both rocking the same item or style to see two takes on it.  Today: shirt + sweater!

Paloma says...

Fall is here! Forecast of mid-70s for the next week! Huzzah! Guess that means its time to bust out the layers and sweaters.... right?! (I can feel the entire Northeast section of the country shaking their heads at me). In other news - this shirt is quite possibly the softest and greatest shirt ever. Oh, J.Crew, you can do no wrong.

Shirt: J.Crew (similar)
Cardigan: Express (similar)
Skirt: Halogen (similar)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (exact)
Necklace: Target (exact)

Karen says...

Today's WIW pick was an excuse to force myself to put some pieces together, rather than throw on a dress or throw on my usual blouse and skirt.  It just hasn't gotten cold around here (with Christmas around the corner), but mercifully, it is cool enough to wear two layers.  I am forcing myself to repurpose purchases from last year and the year before and, of course, that means more mixing and matching.  Discipline, Karen!  No more shopping!  (At least until Black Friday!)

Shirt: Heavenly Couture (a similar shirt with blue polka dots here)
Sweater: Forever 21 (love this splurge)
Skirt: Madewell (another similar from Madewell)
Shoes: Zara (similar with studs)


  1. looks great, love your blog! you guys should do colored blazers for next wednesday, i need some ideas!

    1. Hi! Thank you! We actually did blazers a few weeks back and I wore my one and only colored blazer - they are hard to style, I agree! Maybe we can do it again! Thanks for reading! :) -Paloma


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