Wear It... Thursday?

Headed to a networking event today, but didn't quite want to wear a suit, so I just went with black and blazer.  In fact, this is the third day this week that I have worn all black and I'm wondering at what point I turned into Johnny Cash.

Anyway, I notice that Paloma and I got the memo for Thursday and are both doing blacks and whites and grays!  In fact, earlier today I had another shirt layered over the lacy black one, then changed my mind and pared it down... Uncanny, how much we think alike.  And how often.

Top: Patterson J. Kincaid (similar)
Skirt: Bebe (similar)
Jacket: Stitch Fix (structured one)
Necklace: Topshop (similar one with bling)
Shoes: Zara (pretty basic)