Same Style, Different Day

When I got this dress in my Stitch Fix box, I was so excited about all the ways I could style it.  So its kinda silly that the second time ever wearing it, and I basically styled it exactly the same way as the first time.  Well, i subbed the necklace with earrings and added a cardigan, so I won't say its exactly the same. I think I just really wanted to wear these shoes (which were probably one of the best additions to my closet this year).

Dress: Stitch Fix (long sleeve alternative)
Cardigan: Martin + Osa (R.I.P.) (alternative)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory (reasonable alternative) ("I wish" alternative)
Earrings: Handmade from somewhere in New Mexico (alternative)


  1. This is a really cute look. Love the dress, and I'm super jealous that I haven't received cute things like that from Stitch Fix. You must have done a really good job with your profile because you always have the cutest things!

    1. I linked them to my blog so they could see what kind of stuff I like to wear... I think that helped! haha

  2. As much as I am a non-lover of Stitch Fix - I do love the stuff they've picked out for you! And I think this color (and maybe emerald green) are my two favorite colors on you! My lovely PP!


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