Dressed Up

Another Stitch Fix* purchase! This dress was in my July fix, and I love it because it can totally be dressed up or down (who doesn't love that?). I would say it probably leans more toward dressed down (it is, after all, made of heather gray t-shirt material), but as long as the skirt length is appropriate and it isn't made out of ripped denim or sheer fabric, usually any skirt/dress can be paired with heels and a cardigan and made work appropriate, amiright?

In other news, I purchased a new suit last night - so exciting! I only have two suits - one black, one gray - and since I am scheduled to go to trial next month and will thus be in suits for a couple weeks straight, I figured it was time to invest so I don't go crazy with boredom.  I took advantage of The Limited's day-long 50% off sale (they seriously have the BEST sales!), and bought myself a lovely suit in a super exciting color...wait for it... navy! OK, so its not daring at all, but I think I now have the basics covered.  Next time, I am getting one in a fun color like burgundy!

**OK one last thing! The Limited is having its semi-annual suit sale right now (dangit, a day late).  It's buy one/get one free for suit jackets, skirts, pants, dresses.  I love The Limited suits - they really are great quality for a very good price. 

Ok, that is all. Here is my outfit......

Dress: Stitch Fix (love this sleeveless alternative)
Cardigan: LOFT (similar - so cute and 40% off!)
Shoes: Banana Republic (similar - I actually like these better than mine! hmm...)
*If you decide to try out Stitch Fix (its so fun!), feel free to use this link (which gives me referral points whenever anyone signs up on my recommendation).  Thank you kindly! :)