Pajama Dress

Happy Almost Three Day Weekend! Too bad I will have to spend much of my weekend catching up on work... wah wah wah.  Also, tomorrow is a work from home day (my daughter's school is closed and the babysitter budget for the month is gonzo, which means she will be watching 500 movies and playing with her princess dolls while I will be wearing headphones and attempting to bill as many hours as possible while taking breaks to feed and occasionally snuggle her), so it will kinda sorta feel like a four day weekend. With tons of work and not enough play.

In clothing news, I am wearing this dress that is 100% as comfortable as wearing pajamas. I love it so.

Dress: Zara (similar) (and another awesome option on sale which I LOVE here)
Shoes: Target (get the non-knockoff version here)
Cardigan: J.Crew

{this picture of my feet is weird, sorry. wanted to show the shoes!}


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