A Denim Story

I have this fear of denim on denim, borne from Justin and Britney at that one VMA's from the 2000's, and from terms like "Canadian tuxedo."  But when Katie Holmes rocked chambray on denim on this month's Glamour like a boss, I was determined to put these pieces together myself.

I intended my coral heels, rather than the hunter green, since it's summer and all, but sigh, just couldn't find them this morning.  So here we are.

Shirt: J.Crew (an oldie, so here's something similar)
Heels: Vince Camuto (similar)


  1. This is cute! I think denim on denim works best when one is very light and the other very dark, like you've worn it here. And, of course, a great opportunity to wear some fun shoes because anything will go with it!

    1. I kinda wanna wear it every day!

      - Karen


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